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im sorry im sorry i fucked up so bad by making this

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happy birthday charlie crist I hope u fuckin get re-elected rick scott ruined florida we need u back



Important things for non-black tumblr users:

not every trendy phrase you see on here is for you to use. in fact, lots of the words i see floating around on here are actually aave (african american vernacular english) and when you use it and you’re not black, that’s cultural appropriation

that includes “not about that life,” “bae,” “____ game too strong” and more. it also includes “swag,” but unfortunately i just know enough people will get angry about that and say they as non-black people don’t have to give it up and that’s disrespectful as hell but i’m just one person

honestly, when you use it, this comes with a looooong groan from me because you don’t have the background that lets a phrase like that have any meaning from you. it also acts to lessen the legitimacy of aave because it becomes a joke when non-black people use it, and black people honestly get all kinds of shit from, wow, everyone else, about how the way we speak is not “real English” and a lot of ableist stuff about our intelligence from it

so like, really, think long and hard about what’s better - you making a ‘joke’ using aave that gets some laughs from your non-black friends and pushes black achievements further into the ground, or being, i dunno, respectful? honestly, you’ll live. omitting a few words that don’t belong to you in the first place will not ruin your life.

this is a little dramatic i’m not trying to be mean but words like “bae” and “swag” don’t have any historical meaning they are literally just slang words that a lot of black people happen to use….. i get what you’re saying…. but they’re not words with negative backgrounds or offensive words…..UNLESS you’re using them to imitate black culture…..there’s a difference….i think it’s all based off of HOW you’re using these phrases, because they definitely aren’t meant to be “offensive cultural appropriation” or anything

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zayn is such a good person im gonna turn into a zayn blog

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teeth so white they republican

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m a y b e   i   n e e d e d   a   c h a n g e ,  i   d o n ’ t   r e a l l y   k n o w
            i   g u e s s   i   k i n d   o f   f e l t   D R A W N   h e r e

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5 Seconds of Summer for Alternative Press

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this is the best picture someone has taken with a celebrity ever

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A true cinematic masterpiece that is destined to claim the hearts of millions.

One girl, One car, One Dream

I’m in love.

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when your parent talks shit about you loud as hell in the next room:)

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